30 Days of Gratitude

Alongside photographing weddings, we take great pleasure in other areas of photography such as portraits, food (our big Achille’s heel!) and – the one we would love more time for – travel photography. We love all of these types of pictures and the message that a single still can portray to an observer. A close association with the mood and impact of photography is film. After all, film is simply many, many stills running together at high speed. We were inspired by Hailey Bartholomew to create a short film, under 2 minutes, on anything we found joy in over 30 days; this project, “30 days of gratitude”, was left completely open to interpretation.

What is your life like over the course of a standard month? Where do you find pleasure throughout your week, little seconds of happiness and thrill? We all get wound up with the hustle and bustle of city life (this seems to be especially true here in London), but it was a treat to take that ‘this is lovely/fun/tasty’ moment and pull out the camera to record a snippet of life in that moment. This project gave us an opportunity to create something for ourselves; a memento of our London life, in our little place, at this time.

We’ve moved into the world of film for weddings, and you can catch up on what we do for our wedding couples here

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