Frequently Asked Questions / Part 2 // Photography by Krishanthi

Frequently Asked Questions / Part 2 // Photography by Krishanthi

Welcome to our FAQ Fridays series…

Here you’ll find answers to some of the most commonly-asked questions about wedding photography and planning!!  You can ask us a question in the comments below, and we’ll share the latest FAQ Fridays first on Instagram Stories, the first Friday of every month – come join us!!  Krish and Joey x

Do we have to do formal family photos?

Obviously it’s your wedding day so you can do what you like and we pretty much just go with the flow… totally up to you if you don’t want to do any formals!!  BUT!!  We do make a point to chat with you about this in advance, so there are no regrets!

From years of doing viewings, I can tell you that the formal family photos are often the ones that you end up loving afterwards and that appreciate in value over time (I know!  Who’d have thought it!!).

As with everything, we try and balance getting the photos you want with still having a fun day with your faves!

Have you shot weddings at our venue before?

We get asked this A LOT… here’s the thing: we are SO practised at shooting on the fly, looking for interesting light, backgrounds, judging locations and situations quickly… that I’m confident I could spend 10 minutes chatting to you and then still get some lush photos of you, because to me it’s not all about that bridge or staircase or whatever; it’s mostly about how YOU interact as a couple!!

The best photos we’ve got of our couples are when we’ve been able to shoot on the fly… and just enjoy the moment and the surroundings.  Fresh eyes and ideas play such a big part in getting creative and interesting photos every time!!

Also, how a venue looks today could be totally different (from a photographer’s perspective!) to how it looks on your wedding day.  We’ve seen catering vans blocking views, scaffolding, road blocks, police tape (!! ok maybe a lot of this has been in London..).   A big part of our success in what we do is being able to go with the flow on the day, and it works to our advantage to not over-plan this part of the day.

Can we meet before the wedding?

Defo!!  Once you’ve booked, we stay in touch and catch up with you in London a month or two before the day, over some vino / coffee and witty banter (Joey, mostly… he’s the funny one).  It’s super relaxed, and we get to cover all the details for the day and make sure we’re on the same page about everything.

I think we’ve only not met 3 couples before their wedding (and one lived in Australia!)… so for the 2% of times a meet isn’t possible, we defs encourage a Skype or FaceTime… veg clothes, G&T’s and top-knots encouraged.


That’s it for this month’s FAQ Friday!!  Find more instalments of FAQs here, and just drop a comment below or contact us directly if you’d like us to answer a specific question for you!

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