From the Heart // The Value of Your Photography

From the Heart // The Value of Your Photography

Photographing weddings, we see so much happiness and anticipation and excitement, and an abundance of love.  From the beginning of our wedding photography journey, we were drawn to people and emotions, stories to be told; it was never about the colours and the pretty details, although these elements of course have an important part to play in a wedding day.

For us, it was about remembering interactions that might otherwise be forgotten.  Laughter, tears, the smallest of glances…just, memories.  Between people that meant the world to each other.

We were honoured to photograph Prithi and James’ wedding late last year, and spent a few days with their lovely families.  You can see some photos from their beautiful wedding ceremony here, and we’ll share more from their reception on the blog soon.

When we are chatting with our couples before the wedding, we like to know about any extra special guests who might be in attendance, and Prithi had told us that her Nan would be attending their wedding ceremony at the Gurdwara, but not the reception at Eastnor Castle.  Armed with this information, we made sure that we captured some photos of Prithi’s Nan during the wedding day.



Earlier this week, I caught up with Prithi after their 3-week long honeymoon in Antarctica.  She told me that, very tragically, her 86-year old Nan had passed away just after they’d returned from honeymoon and, sadly, Prithi hadn’t been able to see her in this time.  And then these words stuck with me: “The last time I saw her was at our wedding.  Actually, you’ve got a photo of my Nan saying her last words to me.”

My breath caught in my chest at that moment and the words didn’t come out; I just felt so sad for my friend, and at the same time grateful that we were able to capture these utterly precious moments for Prithi, Prithi’s mother, and for their family.  Looking back in years to come, the value of these photographs will become immeasurable to this lovely family.  If we can do nothing else, we are honoured beyond words to be able to preserve something of your family history, and a legacy for your future generations.



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