Introducing // A Bridal Shoot in Rome

Joey and I recently planned a long weekend in Rome to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary. Months had flown by where we’d been concentrating hard on giving our wedding clients an amazing experience with us, from engagement shoots to the wedding day, photos with video, albums and more; it is somewhat shocking how quickly the time has passed. When you get into a routine like this it is impossibly difficult to just pull away from it and think freely, creatively, and to just shoot for the pure love of shooting.

So when we booked this trip to Rome we chose the destination based on two things (as we seem to do with all our holidays!); food, and landscape. It was in the back of my mind that it would be so incredibly cool to do a bridal shoot while we were in Rome (“when in Rome”…I won’t make the joke…again). The backdrop of cobbled streets, sturdy stone architecture, vespas and ice cream (that part is for us); it could only look beautiful.

But I didn’t think we would be able to pull it off; we knew nobody in Rome and our Italian was very limited to ‘gelato’ (me) and ‘prosecco’ (Joey). So much could go wrong; dresses could get ruined or lost in transit, we could make arrangements with people who wouldn’t show up on the day; make promises to other very generous wedding suppliers that would then come to nothing and we’d be the ones who’d let people down.

With these fears going around in my head, I convinced myself we couldn’t do it and parked the idea until about 10 days before we were due to leave, when I just couldn’t shake the thought that we’d really be losing out on something if we didn’t give this a go.

To cut a long story short, we did it.

There are SO many more photos to come, but for now here is a flavour of our little Italian dream.

Rome bridal shoot


The beautiful gown is a creation of the very talented Faith Caton-Barber

Model Teodora Vulpe

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