Keremi and Pete // Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding

Keremi and Pete // Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding

Keremi met her future husband Pete at a house party in London; fast forward 6 or so years and they got engaged in the secluded hilltops of Sri Lanka – totally dreamy!   Keremi’s parents lived in Africa for many years so their home is beautifully adorned with eclectic pieces from their travels; a treat to photograph while the girls were getting ready.  Keremi and Pete’s wedding ceremony was held at St Paul’s Church in Clapham, local to where Keremi’s parents live and where she spent her late teens.  We’ve really enjoyed photographing weddings in London churches this year and St. Paul’s did not disappoint, with it’s large windows and spacious, bright interior.  Deborah was one of the loveliest vicars we have worked with!

Keremi and Pete’s friends serenaded guests while they signed the register and, after some prosecco in the church hall next door, guests were treated to an exciting boat trip along the Thames.  A close family friend kept all the guests up to date with the sights as the boat gently trailed through the waters, which was such a special touch and a very interesting tour indeed!  As guests disembarked, the sun came out in all its glory, after a rather wet start to the day.  Celebratory fizz and canapes, provided by Blistering, greeted guests and they were also able to climb the lighthouse for even better views of the Millennium Dome and Canary Wharf.

Being an October affair, Keremi and Pete chose an autumnal theme for their wedding at Trinity Buoy Wharf; the wooden trestle tables, bright flowers and ribbons they chose perfectly complemented the urban vibe of the warehouse.  With a fabulously wild swing band, a photobooth and lots of drinks, the party continued into the small hours of the morning!  So much fun was had and we are so happy for this beautiful couple, and grateful that they chose us to be a part of the adventure.

“Thanks so much for such a great viewing. Was so nice to come round and go through all the photos. We really couldn’t be happier with them so well done on a fantastic job!”

 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_01 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_02 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_03 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_04 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_05 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_06 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_07 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_08 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_09 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_10 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_11 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_12  Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_14 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_15 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_16 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_17 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_18 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_19 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_20 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_21 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_22 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_23 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_24 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_25 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_26 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_27 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_28 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_29 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_30 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_31 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_32 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_33 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_34 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_35 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_36 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_37 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_38 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_39 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_40 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_41 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_42 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_43 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_44 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_45 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_46 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_47 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_48 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_49 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_50 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_51 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_52 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_53 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_54 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_55 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_56 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_57 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_58 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_59 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_60 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_61 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_62 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_63 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_64 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_65 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_66 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_67 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_68 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_69 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_70 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_71 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_72 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_73 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_74 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_75 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_76 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_77 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_78 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_79 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_80 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_81 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_82 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_83 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_84 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_85 Trinity_Buoy_Wharf_wedding_86

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