Frequently Asked Questions / Part 1 // Photography by Krishanthi

“We hate having our photos taken and only want relaxed photos, is this something you do?”

Errrrr YEAH!!!  Ok, we get this A LOT… pretty much everyone we know hates having their picture taken (us included!), which is why we put soo much emphasis on meeting up, getting to know you, hanging out without a camera in your face.. so that, on the day, you’ll feel super comfortable with us and not even notice we’re there!!


“Do you travel?”

TRAVEL IS OUR JAM!!  We’re based in London but are very happy to travel around the UK and abroad… and we try and keep our prices as reasonable as possible (UK travel is included in our rates anyway, y’know?).

We’ve shot weddings in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Dubai and more… it’s a special kind of joy to get to be part of a fun wedding weekend in the sunshine and capture it all for you!!

“Do we need to hire a pro when our friends take brilliant photos on their phones?”

Ok soooo a semi-controversial topic; we’ve known people in the past who have relied on a friend, or friend of a friend, with a fancy camera for their wedding pictures.

Unless they’re a pro, it rarely ends well… so much so, that Joey actually wrote an entire blog post dedicated to this one topic!!  Read his thoughts here, and let us know what you think in the comments!

Find more instalments of FAQs here, and email us at if you’d like us to answer a specific question for you!

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