Mastin Labs Presets

Mastin Labs Presets

In the past we’ve kept our editing style clean and crisp, but we have fallen pretty hard for these Mastin Labs presets!  Although we don’t shoot film for couples (yet – I must dust off my Nikon F5 from 15 years ago!), there is something about the tonal cool that these presets create; perfect for our travel and personal photography (and maybe even our weddings!).

When we were looking into these, it was hard to come by a before and after so we thought we’d share a few examples of our regular editing style vs the Fuji preset pack, which is the one that we chose for our shooting style.  The Fuji tonal range is pastel and sweet, where the Portra pack tends to the warmer, more contrasting style.

One of the things we love the most is the subtlety in the edit straight-off; below, the first shot is our original ‘clean’ edit and the second version has the Mastin Labs preset on it.

Mastin Labs presets Mastin Labs presets

The difference is incredibly subtle, but the depth is lifting.

The presets also work beautifully in dusky light…

Mastin Labs presets Mastin Labs presets

…love that rich blue tone in the Mastin Labs preset edit above.

We were unsure as to how the preset would fare in artificial, incandescent light but, applied delicately and tweaked as you would a regular edit (exposure, white balance) it gives a beautiful, subtle pop of contrast and depth:

Mastin Labs presets Fuji_08 Mastin Labs presets

And we’ve saved the best for last; green.  Cannot get enough of these tones with a Mastin Labs preset applied to the great outdoors:

Mastin Labs presets Mastin Labs presets

How timeless is that look!  We’ve still got our Cape Town photos to edit and – with those sprawling vineyards – this is going to make such a difference to the beauty of those images.  Watch this space for an update on that!

We’d love to know what you think about these – happy editing!

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