New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions

So what does 2015 hold in store for you; are you making New Year resolutions?

2014 has been one of our best years yet, both professionally and personally.  Not only getting to know and working with many incredible couples and wedding industry colleagues, but finessing where we want the business to be – and go – in terms of style, service and branding.  Naturally the biggest high for us is in being part of our couples’ wedding day, which is such a privilege we can’t begin to explain in words.

On a personal level, for us the big kickstart to the new year will be moving house; we’ll still be in the great city that is London but this month we are moving from Warwick Avenue down to Tooting (if you’re in the area give us a wave!).  Having lived in the same area for over 7 years, it’s a big wrench to change but also incredibly exciting to be exploring new spaces.  We’re hoping to do lots more travel this year too; in 2014 we cheekily ticked off some bucket list destinations including the one and only Cape Town, Copenhagen and Bangkok…we’re already planning our 2015 jaunts!  (Sidenote: as well as our holiday escapades we are always up for a wedding outside of the UK so don’t hold back!)

Now, we’re pretty terrible at making New Year resolutions (mostly because we never stick to them!) so instead we’ve pulled together some inspirational words to remind ourselves of through 2015…

*determined* in the future of our business

*healthy* in spite of all the epic larding

*hustle* keep on keeping on

*adventure* is out there

*happy* together in our new happy place

We’ll be raising our glasses to an epic healthy and happy 2015 for you too!  Let the adventures begin…

Krish & Joey x

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