Queensberry Wedding Albums // Print is not Dead

Queensberry Wedding Albums // Print is not Dead

Sit with your grandchildren in your lap and talk them through that time when you pushed lanterns out into the Mediterranean Sea in the dead of night, celebrating your wedding in Italy (and your crazy amazing photographer got in the sea to shoot it… don’t forget that part!!).

Print is not dead.

So here’s what you can do:

-You can have us make one for you to show your grandchildren – all you have to do is choose your favourite photos and the look and feel of the album you want and leave the rest to us!!

-You can book our Signature Collection for your wedding and you’ll get a beautiful set of 3 Queensberry albums included; so that’s one for you and two mini versions for your nearest and dearest.  Sweeeeeet.  Or, you can add an album to any of our Collections – just tell us what you need and we can make it work for you.

-You can keep your photos on the USB and browse them on your iPad or computer, but just understand that the digital files WILL corrupt at some point; it’s not so much a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’.  Your printed photos will stand the test of time in a way that a CD, DVD or USB just can’t.  Something to think about.

Meanwhile, you can take a peek at our actual photos from Alannah and Nick’s incredible Belmond Villa Sant’Andrea wedding here, and catch their wedding film here!


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