RAC Epsom Wedding // Introducing Fiona and Charles

RAC Epsom Wedding // Introducing Fiona and Charles

Joey and I were delighted to be part of Fiona and Charles’ wedding at the RAC in Epsom.  We hadn’t shot here before, and it proved to be a stunning venue with dedicated staff and a variety of pretty spaces.  The happy couple got married at the church local to Fiona’s parents (being the fourth of four to be married, it was a treat to have the final family wedding nearby!).  Guests then made their way to the Royal Automobile Club, a members’ club in the deep Surrey countryside, for celebratory drinks and the wedding reception.

Of course, if you’ve seen the post from Fiona and Charles’ engagement shoot here, you’ll know that Charles’ trusty Datsun was also present and played an important role on the day, transporting a confetti-covered Fiona and Charles between the church and the venue.  So of course we made sure we got some photos with this beautiful little car as well!

Joey and I had such a nice day with all the guests, who were so friendly and welcoming towards us – and all the little nieces and nephews were absolutely adorable as well!  Special thanks to Fiona’s sister Kelly (who we used to work with at Deloitte in a previous life) for introducing us and welcoming us into the family.  It was a real pleasure to be there and capture all the happiness and celebrations.  When we left that night, Fiona told me it was the best day of her life!  As it should be!

Many heartfelt congratulations to Fiona and Charles – we’ll be sharing more photos soon but for now we hope you enjoy this little selection.

Fiona_Charles_app_02 Fiona_Charles_app_03 Fiona_Charles_app_04 Fiona_Charles_app_05 Fiona_Charles_app_06 Fiona_Charles_app_07 Fiona_Charles_app_08 Fiona_Charles_app_09 Fiona_Charles_app_10 Fiona_Charles_app_11 Fiona_Charles_app_12 Fiona_Charles_app_13 Fiona_Charles_app_14 Fiona_Charles_app_15 Fiona_Charles_app_16 Fiona_Charles_app_17 Fiona_Charles_app_18 Fiona_Charles_app_19 Fiona_Charles_app_20 Fiona_Charles_app_21 Fiona_Charles_app_22 Fiona_Charles_app_23 Fiona_Charles_app_24 Fiona_Charles_app_25 Fiona_Charles_app_26 Fiona_Charles_app_27 Fiona_Charles_app_28 Fiona_Charles_app_29 Fiona_Charles_app_30 Fiona_Charles_app_31 Fiona_Charles_app_32 Fiona_Charles_app_33 Fiona_Charles_app_34

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