Roce Ceremony London // Annette and Leonard

Roce Ceremony London // Annette and Leonard

Last weekend, Joey and I had the honour of photographing the Roce ceremony for Annette and Lenny.

A lovely Mangalorean tradition in Lenny’s family, the Roce ceremony welcomes friends and family to bless the bride and groom with coconut milk, along with their best wishes for a long and happy marriage.  Having met Annette and her family at the ripe young age of 11 years old and been close friends ever since, it was an honour to meet Lenny’s family, and witness this sweet historic tradition between the two families.

Some lovely traditions were considered for the Roce ceremony, including both wearing jewellery that had been family heirlooms and passed down through generations, and the sari that Annette wore was Lenny’s mother’s wedding sari, also worn by her two daughters at their respective Roce ceremonies.

There is something truly humbling about taking the time to consider your family history, and it reminds you that sentiment plays a huge role in the celebrations of a wedding.  The blessings were both emotionally charged and joyous, in equal measure, and we thoroughly enjoyed being witness to such an occasion.

We hope you like these photos; we are super excited about the wedding day on Friday at Kew Gardens – lots of photos to follow so watch this space!

Roce_Ceremony_London_04Roce_Ceremony_London_02 Roce_Ceremony_London_03Roce_Ceremony_London_05 Roce_Ceremony_London_06 Roce_Ceremony_London_07 Roce_Ceremony_London_08 Roce_Ceremony_London_09 Roce_Ceremony_London_10 Roce_Ceremony_London_11 Roce_Ceremony_London_12 Roce_Ceremony_London_13 Roce_Ceremony_London_14 Roce_Ceremony_London_15 Roce_Ceremony_London_16 Roce_Ceremony_London_17 Roce_Ceremony_London_18 Roce_Ceremony_London_19 Roce_Ceremony_London_20 Roce_Ceremony_London_21 Roce_Ceremony_London_22 Roce_Ceremony_London_23 Roce_Ceremony_London_24 Roce_Ceremony_London_25 Roce_Ceremony_London_26 Roce_Ceremony_London_27 Roce_Ceremony_London_28 Roce_Ceremony_London_29

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