Tom and Catherine were married at Winters Barns in Canterbury, a rustic and cosy barn on the outskirts of a historical town. Catherine grew up in Canterbury so they chose to tie the knot near the family home she grew up in, and it was such a pleasure for Joey and I to be there with their friends and family on this incredibly special day.

Catherine, a school teacher, and Tom, a writer for the BBC, complement each other so well; in each other’s company they are completely relaxed and you can just feel the comfort and love that each gives to the other – it really is something beautiful.

In true British style it was eyes to the clouds minutes before the ceremony, but the rain held off for their gorgeous, emotional outdoor ceremony, and it stayed away for lovely drinks on the lawn to celebrate. The speeches were incredibly poignant, with the notable absence of both Tom and Catherine’s fathers, but the cheese cake was cut with glee and the party kicked off with a brilliant live band! We even managed to get a few evening portraits in; another chance for Tom and Catherine to spend some precious time together on their wedding day.

After a blissful honeymoon island-hopping in Greece, the lovely couple returned to go through their wedding photos with us with champagne to celebrate lots of happy memories; the perfect start to their new married life! It was an absolute joy for Joey and I to be there with Tom, Catherine and their really lovely family and friends; thank you both so much for sharing your day with us!

From Tom and Catherine: “I thought you would be really easy to get on with, and I was right! It was lovely that you took so much care over everything from the start. You were both so professional, and so friendly – and got the balance right. Our photos are just what we hoped for, and the colours, as well as the general ‘feel’ of the day that you captured, are spot on. You really caught how emotional we were during the ceremony, and afterwards at the speeches – and how you got such great shots of Tom and I (when he in particular is so camera shy) I’ll never be able to thank you enough for! It felt very natural on the day to have you both there, and we are so so so pleased with our wonderful photos which capture so well how we felt on our wedding day.”

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