Introducing… Jess + Fraser!!
Their mega chilled out, fun garden wedding was totally up our street; it was all about the people, the banter and the party!!!
Jess and Fraser met at uni, where they played lacrosse together… fast forward a decade and they’ve just returned from expat life in Dubai, bringing with them an awesome bunch of friends… whose weddings we’ve previously photographed!!  Another big thumbs up from us!
With so many fun and beautiful little details put together by Jess and Fraser (captain gin master anyone..?👌🏽), it was bound to be a serious party!!  Stay tuned for more photos, and huge congratulations to this brilliant couple!!

With thanks to:
Venue // Jess’ parents’ house
Florist // Forever Green
Dress // Mynamour Wedding Dress Dubai – UAE
Catering // Leila Restaurant
Cake // Jen’s Little Kitchen
Band // The Fabulations
Make up // Josephine Waterman Makeup
Hair // Wedding Hair Design by Aletha Robertson
Marquees // Bucks Wigwams

When Nadya first got in touch about her and Ben’s Chateau de la Ligne wedding, my heart skipped a beat when I looked this place up – such a beautiful wedding venue!  And obviously Joey and I adore travelling to new places for our couples’ weddings, so a pretty French chateau nestled amongst vineyards was always going to be high up on that list!  The chateau has bedrooms, living space, a bar, swimming pool etc. so doubles up perfectly for a weekend jolly, which is exactly what these two wanted; for their family and friends to be able to take advantage of the setting and relax, and have fun together.

Nadya and Ben met in a club in Notting Hill on Ben’s birthday a few years ago (great birthday pressie – meeting your future wife!) and got engaged during a walk on Rhossili bay in Wales last April.  They soon set about planning their wedding day, and when they went to visit Chateau de la Ligne, they knew it was the perfect wedding setting for them.  And ‘perfect’ is the word to describe the day; it truly was!  So much sunshine, champagne, style, fun…just like the lovely couple!!

Happy browsing of this little selection of photos from Nadya and Ben’s wedding – lots more to come but we hope you enjoy this flavour of the day!  Thank you, Nadya and Ben, for sharing your wedding day and build up with us – we’ve loved being a part of it all! X

Chateau de la Ligne wedding_02 Chateau de la Ligne wedding_03 Chateau de la Ligne wedding_04 Chateau de la Ligne wedding_05 Chateau de la Ligne wedding_06 Chateau de la Ligne wedding_07 Chateau de la Ligne wedding_08 Chateau de la Ligne wedding_09 Chateau de la Ligne wedding_10 Chateau de la Ligne wedding_11 Chateau de la Ligne wedding_12 Chateau de la Ligne wedding_13 Chateau de la Ligne wedding_14 Chateau de la Ligne wedding_15 Chateau de la Ligne wedding_16 Chateau de la Ligne wedding_17 Chateau de la Ligne wedding_18 Chateau de la Ligne wedding_19 Chateau de la Ligne wedding_20 Chateau de la Ligne wedding_21 Chateau de la Ligne wedding_22 Chateau de la Ligne wedding_23 Chateau de la Ligne wedding_24 Chateau de la Ligne wedding_25 Chateau de la Ligne wedding_26 Chateau de la Ligne wedding_27 Chateau de la Ligne wedding_28 Chateau de la Ligne wedding_29 Chateau de la Ligne wedding_30 Chateau de la Ligne wedding_31

Ceremony & Reception venue // Chateau de la Ligne

Flowers // TBC

Hair & make up // TBC

Wedding dress //TBC

Groom and Groomsmen’s attire // TBC

Bridesmaids’ dresses // TBC

Entertainment // TBC

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Becky and Nigel met at a charity boxing match for work several years ago and went on to have two gorgeous little boys, Oliver and Oscar, so their wedding day was always going to be full of fun and giggles!

Though they live in London, this gorgeous couple chose the field at Bantham Bash on the outskirts of Thurlestone in Devon for their wedding venue; Nigel’s parents recently moved to this sweet village and the views from the field are up there with the highs of beautiful European landscape.  When Joey and I drove up the morning of the wedding and caught sight of the view, the sunshine glistening on the water, festoon lights ready to shine, we knew it was going to be an epic wedding day!
After a beautiful ceremony at the village church (with one of the nicest vicars we have ever worked with!) guests were driven through the village to the field in an open top bus – the perfect way to travel, given the glorious weather!  We hope you like this little selection of photos from this lovely Bantham Bash wedding, and do keep in touch with us on Facebook for when we share more images.
Thank you, lovely Becky, for your sweet words: “Krish these are absolutely beautiful, thank you so very very much.  Utterly stunning, especially the way you captured the light. Oh I am reliving it all, looking at these photos!  How talented you and Joey are!  Thank you so much xxx”

Becky_Nigel_app_02 Becky_Nigel_app_03
Becky_Nigel_app_05 Becky_Nigel_app_06 Becky_Nigel_app_07 Becky_Nigel_app_08 Becky_Nigel_app_09 Becky_Nigel_app_10 Becky_Nigel_app_11 Becky_Nigel_app_12 Becky_Nigel_app_13 Becky_Nigel_app_14
Becky_Nigel_app_04 Becky_Nigel_app_15 Becky_Nigel_app_16 Becky_Nigel_app_17 Becky_Nigel_app_18 Becky_Nigel_app_19 Becky_Nigel_app_20 Becky_Nigel_app_21 Becky_Nigel_app_22 Becky_Nigel_app_23 Becky_Nigel_app_24 Becky_Nigel_app_25 Becky_Nigel_app_26
Wedding Planners // West Country Wedding Planner

Reception // Bantham Bash field – Hatch Marquee Hire

Ceremony Venue // Thurlestone Church, Devon

Open Top Bus // Plymouth City Coach

Catering // Sausage & Pear

Dress // Phase Eight

Hair and Make Up // Angie Bailey

Cake // Olivers

Florist // Emma Vowles

Band // The Jacks

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Caroline and Toby met on the set of a television series, and have since moved to London together where they set up home with the arrival of sweet baby Theo.  They actually got legally married up in Scotland just the two of them a few weeks ago, and chose to celebrate with all their family and friends with a jolly knees up in the beautiful Cilcain in north Wales, where Caroline grew up.

For their wedding day, Skye Marquees set up a fabulous petal pole marquee and tipi tent, and their Shamanic ceremony was held on a little mound surrounded by woodland behind the tents.  All so intimate and personal; we absolutely loved the experience of this ritualistic blessing!

With delicious canapes and drinks provided by Catherine Skates and the sun beating down across hay bales and happy chatter, Caroline and Toby’s wedding day just went absolutely perfectly!  It was an honour to be a part of the festivities; we had such a warm welcome from all their guests and loved experiencing the beauty and tranquillity of this part of Wales!

Here is a little taster of their day; lots more images to come so do stay in touch and follow us on Facebook for further updates!

Cilcain wedding photography_02 Cilcain wedding photography_03 Cilcain wedding photography_04 Cilcain wedding photography_05Cilcain wedding photography_01Cilcain wedding photography_06 Cilcain wedding photography_07 Cilcain wedding photography_08 Cilcain wedding photography_09 Cilcain wedding photography_10 Cilcain wedding photography_11 Cilcain wedding photography_12 Cilcain wedding photography_13 Cilcain wedding photography_15 Cilcain wedding photography_16 Cilcain wedding photography_17 Cilcain wedding photography_18 Cilcain wedding photography_19 Cilcain wedding photography_20 Cilcain wedding photography_21 Cilcain wedding photography_22 Cilcain wedding photography_23 Cilcain wedding photography_24 Cilcain wedding photography_25 Cilcain wedding photography_26Cilcain wedding photography_14Cilcain wedding photography_27 Cilcain wedding photography_28 Cilcain wedding photography_29 Cilcain wedding photography_30 Cilcain wedding photography_31 Cilcain wedding photography_32



Tents // Skye Marquees

Catering // Catherine Skates

Dress // Watters

Make Up // Lydia Ryan

Hair // TBC

Flowers // TBC

Entertainment // TBC

Groom attire // TBC

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We’ve met Alex and Dan a few times over the last few years, starting with Dan’s brother Ollie’s wedding in the South of France; back then Alex and Dan’s little Josh was only a few months old!  A year later we did a family shoot with this lovely bunch of people, and seeing the entire family evolve and grow in numbers has been a truly special experience for us.

With that in mind, I was honoured to be asked by Alex to photograph her and Dan’s wedding ceremony in front of just a handful of their nearest and dearest.  Their wedding took place on a chilled Friday at the Swiss Garden in Bedfordshire, a sweet little cottage surrounded by gardens where afternoon tea was laid out for guests.

This is just a little taster of the afternoon but I just adored Alex’s colourful dress and elegant but rustic flowers (done beautifully by Dan’s mum) and the coming together of family and friends from all over the world for this happy occasion.  Congratulations Alex and Dan!


Swiss_Cottage_Wedding_Photography_01 Swiss_Cottage_Wedding_Photography_02 Swiss_Cottage_Wedding_Photography_03 Swiss_Cottage_Wedding_Photography_04 Swiss_Cottage_Wedding_Photography_05 Swiss_Cottage_Wedding_Photography_06 Swiss_Cottage_Wedding_Photography_07 Swiss_Cottage_Wedding_Photography_08 Swiss_Cottage_Wedding_Photography_09 Swiss_Cottage_Wedding_Photography_10 Swiss_Cottage_Wedding_Photography_11 Swiss_Cottage_Wedding_Photography_12 Swiss_Cottage_Wedding_Photography_13 Swiss_Cottage_Wedding_Photography_14 Swiss_Cottage_Wedding_Photography_15 Swiss_Cottage_Wedding_Photography_16



Ceremony & Afternoon Tea // The Swiss Garden

Dress // Asos

Flowers // Groom’s mother

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We shared a few photos from Kate and Jack’s beautiful garden wedding a few weeks ago (which you can see here if you missed it!) and it is an absolute pleasure to share some more photos from their day on the blog.  Kate and Jack have just returned to their home in Perth, having been away for a few weeks for pre-wedding prep, the big day, a buddymoon in Croatia and a little honeymoon in Italy!  Phew!  Trying my best not to be insanely jealous that they’ve now returned to idyllic white beaches and beautiful oceans.  We can only dream!

Anyway, I hadn’t actually met Kate and Jack until the wedding day but after a really nice long chat with these two over Skype, I knew that their wedding would just be totally perfect.  And by perfect, I mean perfectly relaxed.  Informal.  They wanted to enjoy being with their family and friends, particularly for Kate having moved away from home to Perth a few years ago.  I was completely moved by how wonderfully close their group of friends are.  So many friends had flown over to the UK for the wedding – made a whole trip and experience out of it.  It can only be said that when you’ve been through a traumatic experience together, you bond even closer, and this group treated each other like family.  It was completely beautiful to witness.

And as for the wedding itself, well!  Where to begin.  Lots of couples opt for a DIY route but these two really put their hearts into it.  And I don’t mean just putting together the bouquets and table decor (which they did and it all looked so pretty).  I mean getting married at home in the back garden, where Kate’s parents got married over thirty years ago.  Having Kate’s grandmother’s friend make her wedding dress, as she had done for Kate’s aunt and mother before her.  Kate’s mother lovingly created their wedding cake (yes, the heat was overbearing for this lovely cake and it might’ve slipped away into happy mouths without a ‘cutting’ but Kate and Jack certainly weren’t fussed about that!).

It was such a treat to be able to photograph such a fun, happy, poignant wedding day; Kate and Jack, thank you for trusting me with your wedding!

Humanist wedding Surrey_04 Humanist wedding Surrey_02 Humanist wedding Surrey_03  Humanist wedding Surrey_05 Humanist wedding Surrey_06 Humanist wedding Surrey_07 Humanist wedding Surrey_08 Humanist wedding Surrey_09 Humanist wedding Surrey_10 Humanist wedding Surrey_11 Humanist wedding Surrey_12 Humanist wedding Surrey_13 Humanist wedding Surrey_14 Humanist wedding Surrey_15 Humanist wedding Surrey_16 Humanist wedding Surrey_17 Humanist wedding Surrey_18 Humanist wedding Surrey_19 Humanist wedding Surrey_20 Humanist wedding Surrey_21 Humanist wedding Surrey_22 Humanist wedding Surrey_23 Humanist wedding Surrey_24 Humanist wedding Surrey_25 Humanist wedding Surrey_26 Humanist wedding Surrey_27 Humanist wedding Surrey_28 Humanist wedding Surrey_29 Humanist wedding Surrey_30 Humanist wedding Surrey_31 Humanist wedding Surrey_32 Humanist wedding Surrey_33 Humanist wedding Surrey_34 Humanist wedding Surrey_35 Humanist wedding Surrey_36 Humanist wedding Surrey_37 Humanist wedding Surrey_38 Humanist wedding Surrey_39 Humanist wedding Surrey_40 Humanist wedding Surrey_41 Humanist wedding Surrey_42Humanist wedding Surrey_43 Humanist wedding Surrey_44 Humanist wedding Surrey_45 Humanist wedding Surrey_46 Humanist wedding Surrey_47 Humanist wedding Surrey_48 Humanist wedding Surrey_49 Humanist wedding Surrey_50 Humanist wedding Surrey_51 Humanist wedding Surrey_52 Humanist wedding Surrey_53 Humanist wedding Surrey_54 Humanist wedding Surrey_55 Humanist wedding Surrey_56 Humanist wedding Surrey_57 Humanist wedding Surrey_58 Humanist wedding Surrey_59


It was such a gorgeous wedding!  In every sense of the word.  I love it when a couple stays true to themselves, and it really is then all about the marriage.  Wishing you a lifetime of fun and happiness down under, Kate and Jack!  I hope our paths will cross again.  Krish x


Flowers // couple’s own

Cake // Kate’s mother

Wedding dress // Jenni Goodwin

Catering // The Flavour Kitchen

Make Up // Emily Collins

Band // The Capricorns

Tents // Arabian Tent Company

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What a gloriously sunny, beautiful, chilled out wedding this was!  Kate and Jack fell in love working side by side in a quaint English pub in the Surrey countryside.  Geography was not on their side at the time as Jack was only over briefly from Australia, but he finally managed to steal Kate home to Perth; since then, this lovely couple have built a beautiful life in the land down under, with an amazing group of friends who all flew over to England for their wedding.

After border control gave these guys a huge scare upon arrival (sorry it wasn’t such a pleasant welcome to the country, Jack!), everything following went smoothly and these two wonderful souls were married in the garden of Kate’s parents’ home – how cool is that!  And just to go one step further into cool-ville; Kate’s parents were married in the exact same garden too, over 30 years ago.  So.  Sweet.

I have lots of gorgeous images to share with you from Jack and Kate’s wedding, but here’s a little taster of their day; I hope you get a sense of the fun, cheekiness, adventure and love that was present throughout.  Hope you like this little set, let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Some nice words from our lovely couple: “Hi Krish, we cannot thank you enough!! The photos are absolutely wonderful, we couldn’t be happier! It is so brilliant to be able to see them so soon! And it was an absolute pleasure to have you join us on Saturday.  Thank you so much again.  Kate & Jack  Xxx”


Surrey garden wedding_01Surrey garden wedding_02 Surrey garden wedding_03 Surrey garden wedding_04 Surrey garden wedding_05 Surrey garden wedding_06 Surrey garden wedding_07 Surrey garden wedding_08 Surrey garden wedding_09 Surrey garden wedding_10 Surrey garden wedding_11 Surrey garden wedding_12 Surrey garden wedding_13 Surrey garden wedding_14 Surrey garden wedding_15 Surrey garden wedding_16 Surrey garden wedding_17 Surrey garden wedding_18 Surrey garden wedding_19 Surrey garden wedding_20 Surrey garden wedding_21 Surrey garden wedding_22 Surrey garden wedding_23 Surrey garden wedding_24 Surrey garden wedding_25 Surrey garden wedding_26 Surrey garden wedding_27 Surrey garden wedding_28 Surrey garden wedding_29

Kate and Jack, thank you for having me along – it was such a fun day!  Enjoy your preview app and have a very happy buddymoon with all your friends in Croatia! x

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Flowers // couple’s own

Cake // Kate’s mother

Wedding dress // Jenni Goodwin

Catering // The Flavour Kitchen

Make Up // Emily Collins

Band // The Capricorns

Tents // Arabian Tent Company

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