The stars aligned when Sophie and Josh got in touch about us photographing their wedding… and we realised we lived just a few roads apart in Tooting!!  Always a fan of working with our local Tooting community!

Sophie and Josh met at university, after being set up by Josh’s aunt – over a decade later, Josh managed to surprise Sophie with a sweet proposal (after a few decoy romantic holidays, love it!).

They chose to get married at Boxgrove Priory; even more special as Josh’s parents got married at this same church, and it’s the church where he was christened as a child… don’t you just love those very special connections that bring a wedding day together?  Following the ceremony, they headed to Farbridge – a pretty barn in West Sussex – for more celebrations, a delicious feast, and a live band knees-up!!

As with all the couples that we are lucky enough to get to know through our work, Sophie and Josh are just such a genuinely warm and friendly couple – we were honoured to capture their day in all its glory!!  More photos and a wedding film to come soon (update: you can now watch their film below!), but these teasers are on their way around the world to catch up with Soph and Josh honeymooning in Hong Kong and the Philippines (jels).  We hope you love them!!!

If you’d like some photos for your own West Sussex wedding, just get in touch and let’s make it happen!!

With thanks to:

Ceremony venue // Boxgrove Priory

Reception venue // Farbridge, Chichester

Dress // Bo and Luca

Flowers // The Nordic Twig

Shoes // Bianca Buccheri

Suits // Neal and Palmer

Bridesmaids’ dresses // Iris and Ink

Make up // ID Makeup, Hair, Beauty

Hair // Creations

Cake // Foxwood Wedding Cakes

Band // Latimo

Tree // Twilight Trees

Table plan and placecards // Nibs and Notes

“…we’re actually just thinking of asking a friend to shoot the wedding.”

These words may seem fairly innocuous to you, but to me (Joey) they conjure a whole host of emotions – ranging from despair – all the way to knowing I’ll need to go and see a doctor to have my palm surgically removed from my forehead.

Before finally deciding on asking a friend to be your wedding photographer, please, please, run through the below list, as I outline the benefits to both having a friend photograph your wedding vs using a professional wedding photographer!


1. COST –

(**note that I’ve not written “value” here**)  Asking a friend to shoot your wedding will be cheaper than utilising the services of an experienced professional wedding photographer…

That’s all the benefits of ‘asking your friend to shoot your wedding’ that I can think of! 

(Disclaimer: of course, this is a case-by-case decision, and your friend may well be training, second shooting at weddings, or building up a portfolio or business – that’s up to you to make sure you do your due diligence so that you know what you’re getting from the off, and a good place to start is below!)



Your friend may be an avid landscape photographer or a keen fashion photography enthusiast – I have no doubt you will have seen one or two pictures on their Instagram that you love!  I am not here to say that your friend can’t take a good picture!  What I am trying to say is that with a professional photographer, you will get consistently high quality photos throughout the whole of your wedding day. 

None of this “can you do the confetti again, I had the wrong lens on” or the ceremony photos being all underexposed because the ‘light wasn’t good”.  Professional photographers have seen all types of different scenarios and have the quality and experience to adapt at a moment’s notice.  On a photographer’s website you can see gallery after gallery of great photos in all different conditions – but all consistently high quality.


Knowing where to be and when during a wedding day – and, more importantly, pre-empting those moments and being in the right place before it happens – ensures your photographer has the best chance of getting that key shot. 

Shooting family photos week-in-week-out, means your wedding photographer knows how to make the process flow smoothly (and quickly!).  Shooting in bright sunlight, candle-lit pubs and everything in between – prep, ceremony, couple pics, reception, family shots, speeches, cake cutting, partying… all of these parts of the day have all of their own challenges and intricacies that your professional wedding photographer will have the experience to handle.


Back-ups, multiple cameras, dual card slots, insurance… are you still awake?! 

I don’t blame you – not everything involving wedding photography is glamorous, but there are some fundamental steps required to ensure your wedding photos are safeguarded.  Your wedding photographer will have all of this in hand, to the extent that you never need to worry about “what happens if…” …but relying on your friend who: didn’t bring a spare camera battery / has only got one lens / memory card is full… is a problem waiting to happen.


Your wedding photographer is much more than a taker of photographs…

We are a calm presence who can help you through any hectic parts of the planning/day.  Your wedding day is designed to be a fun-filled day, flowing from one part of the day to the next.  We make an effort to get to know you ahead of the day, help you plan with timings or suggestions for when photos could be included to not break the flow of the day, bringing in experience from shooting tons of weddings before. 

We are there with you in the morning, with your inner circle of family and friends.  We are there with you for some relaxed pictures of just the two of you after the ceremony.  We are there for you whenever you need us. 

Having a personable professional photographer to support you through the day is beyond valuable!


Your poor, poor friend. 

I will admit it – before I started in wedding photography, I had no idea about the amount of work, experience, skills required to make it a success – both on the day and afterwards.  Hours-upon-hours of work and years-upon-years of experience and skill.  Not to mention that your friend won’t even be able to enjoy the day (…or they will enjoy the day and your photo set will miss some huge chunks!). 

The other version of “we have a few friends who are great photographers and have said they’ll take photos for us” – just remember you could end up with multiple looks and styles to your photos, instead of a cohesive, story-telling collection of images.  For many of our weddings we even have two photographers, dedicated to shooting the day – there are so many funny moments, interesting interactions, emotions, details to capture – putting that stress and pressure on your friend is asking more than a lot!

I could go on… this is just a small snapshot of a huge list of reasons – I’ve not even mentioned Equipment, Coverage, Editing, Albums…

The reality is that if you value having wedding photographs (which you must do to some extent – if you’re thinking of giving your friend such a huge responsibility) then the peace of mind and quality you get with a professional photographer is incredible value! 

There’s a lot to absorb here, and it’s a bigger discussion than we can fit in a blog post, so if you have any questions leave a comment below or get in touch and we’ll be happy to give you any guidance we can!

We’re Krish and Joey, two photographers in London, UK shooting awesome people, places and vibes!!

info @

Felicity and Chris met seven years ago at a ‘wet the baby’s head’ gathering (if – like us – you aren’t familiar with this occasion, the Urban Dictionary suggests ‘the phrase now commonly relates to the consumption of large amounts of alcohol as a celebration of the new arrival’…enough said!!).  From this chance meeting several years ago, these two have set up home near Felicity’s family in north London, so a London wedding vibe was really important to them.  You can’t get more London than getting photobombed on the street by a random bunch of strangers, with a big red bus driver looking on!!

They chose the stunning RSA House in central London for their wedding; a quietly imposing Georgian building set back from the hustle and bustle of the Strand on one side, and the Thames on the other.

The RSA is a true maze of stylish rooms, classic decor and cool secret vaults – Felicity and Chris made the most of all the space at this beautiful venue for their wedding, and we loved taking them away for some short strolls and precious time together in this diverse London setting.  Such a sweet, fun couple – it always makes our work so much easier knowing that we’re with people that just love being with each other, and that love and sense of fun together trumps all.

As I write this, Felicity and Chris will be lapping up the turquoise ocean and white sandy beaches of the Maldives (jealous much?!), and enjoying this little preview from their wedding day via our special app that we’ve sent them.  We look forward to sharing more soon! x

RSA Wedding London_02 RSA Wedding London_03 RSA Wedding London_04 RSA Wedding London_05 RSA Wedding London_06 RSA Wedding London_07 RSA Wedding London_08 RSA Wedding London_09 RSA Wedding London_10 RSA Wedding London_11 RSA Wedding London_12 RSA Wedding London_13 RSA Wedding London_14 RSA Wedding London_15 RSA Wedding London_16 RSA Wedding London_17 RSA Wedding London_18 RSA Wedding London_19 RSA Wedding London_20 RSA Wedding London_21 RSA Wedding London_22 RSA Wedding London_23 RSA Wedding London_24RSA Wedding London_26 RSA Wedding London_25


Wedding venue & Catering // RSA House, London

Flowers // Jennie Mann

Make up // Hannah Joy

Hair // Floriana Price

Wedding dress // ‘Maria’ by Stephanie Allin Couture

Bride’s shoes // “Demi You” by Chrisian Louboutin

Bridesmaids’ attire // High street – various (Zara / Coast / Monsoon)

Groom’s attire // Tailor Made London

Groomsmen’s attire // Ted Baker suits hired from Moss Bros

Ceremony music // CK Gospel Choir

Entertainment // Wedding band “The Tailors” via Alive Network

Wedding cake // Funky Fab Cakes

Chair hire // Alexander’s Table and Chair Hire

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Luke and Emily met 6 years ago when he handed her his business card in a London city bar, and was pretty surprised when she called!!  The rest, as they say, is history.  Joey and I had a cracking time with these two over a glass of wine (or two?!) leading up to the wedding, so we were looking forward to a real treat of a wedding!
Emily and Luke’s wedding at Botleys Mansion oozed elegance and charm, perfectly in fitting with this regal mansion in Surrey and this gorgeous, lovely couple.
The clouds parted ways to bask the happy couple and their guests in glorious sunshine; coupled with oodles of bubbles and delicious food, what else could we have wished for!
The magnificent band Supatight took the evening to the next level (matched only by Emily and Luke handing out trays of shots to their guests…loving their style!!).
Emily and Luke, thank you for sharing your wonderful day with us and we hope you enjoy this little reminder of your day, soaking up the rays somewhere in Bali!!  Much love and we can’t wait to see you for your viewing in a few weeks’ time! x
Botleys_Mansion_Wedding_02 Botleys_Mansion_Wedding_03 Botleys_Mansion_Wedding_04 Botleys_Mansion_Wedding_05 Botleys_Mansion_Wedding_06 Botleys_Mansion_Wedding_07 Botleys_Mansion_Wedding_08 Botleys_Mansion_Wedding_09 Botleys_Mansion_Wedding_10 Botleys_Mansion_Wedding_11 Botleys_Mansion_Wedding_12 Botleys_Mansion_Wedding_13 Botleys_Mansion_Wedding_14 Botleys_Mansion_Wedding_15Botleys_Mansion_Wedding_22 Botleys_Mansion_Wedding_16 Botleys_Mansion_Wedding_17 Botleys_Mansion_Wedding_18 Botleys_Mansion_Wedding_19 Botleys_Mansion_Wedding_20 Botleys_Mansion_Wedding_21 Botleys_Mansion_Wedding_23 Botleys_Mansion_Wedding_24 Botleys_Mansion_Wedding_25 Botleys_Mansion_Wedding_26 Botleys_Mansion_Wedding_27 Botleys_Mansion_Wedding_28 Botleys_Mansion_Wedding_29 Botleys_Mansion_Wedding_30 Botleys_Mansion_Wedding_31

Ceremony venue // St. Lawrence Church, Chobham

Reception venue & catering // Town Hall Hotel

Flowers // Indeco Flowers

Hair & make up // Aria at Tori Harris Hair & Make Up

Wedding dress // Bellissima by Caroline Castigliano

Groom and Groomsmen’s attire // Dapper

Bridesmaids’ dresses // Twobirds Bridesmaid

Wedding cake // Le Papillon Patisserie

Wedding stationery // The Finer Details

Entertainment // Supatight

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Katie and Chris’ Town Hall Hotel wedding was the coming together of friends and family from all over the world – these two are serious international jet-setters and this awesome London venue certainly did their day justice!!

Katie and her girls had a relaxed morning getting ready in one of the Town Hall’s most gorgeous suites; what a treat.  Meanwhile, Chris and the boys had a cheeky drink at The Albion pub around the corner – one of the perks of a London wedding!

Their ceremony, drinks and evening reception were all under one roof which made the day flow seamlessly, but there are so many nooks and crannies of this incredible building that we loved exploring, and the fact that there are two restaurants within meant that Joey and I were totally spoilt when it came to the dinner; a delicious three course feast including scallops, pork belly and peanut butter three ways – my dream menu!!  We really do work with the most generous couples!

We hope you enjoy these photos from Katie and Chris’ gorgeous wedding day – if you’d like to see our preview selection of images from their wedding you can do so here, and you can also watch their little highlights film at the end of this post – enjoy!

Town Hall Hotel wedding_02 Town Hall Hotel wedding_03 Town Hall Hotel wedding_04 Town Hall Hotel wedding_05 Town Hall Hotel wedding_07Town Hall Hotel wedding_06 Town Hall Hotel wedding_08 Town Hall Hotel wedding_09 Town Hall Hotel wedding_10 Town Hall Hotel wedding_11 Town Hall Hotel wedding_12 Town Hall Hotel wedding_13 Town Hall Hotel wedding_14 Town Hall Hotel wedding_15 Town Hall Hotel wedding_16 Town Hall Hotel wedding_17 Town Hall Hotel wedding_18 Town Hall Hotel wedding_19 Town Hall Hotel wedding_20 Town Hall Hotel wedding_21 Town Hall Hotel wedding_22 Town Hall Hotel wedding_23Town Hall Hotel wedding_24 Town Hall Hotel wedding_25 Town Hall Hotel wedding_26 Town Hall Hotel wedding_27 Town Hall Hotel wedding_28 Town Hall Hotel wedding_29 Town Hall Hotel wedding_30 Town Hall Hotel wedding_31 Town Hall Hotel wedding_32 Town Hall Hotel wedding_33 Town Hall Hotel wedding_34 Town Hall Hotel wedding_35 Town Hall Hotel wedding_36 Town Hall Hotel wedding_37 Town Hall Hotel wedding_38 Town Hall Hotel wedding_39 Town Hall Hotel wedding_40 Town Hall Hotel wedding_42Town Hall Hotel wedding_41Town Hall Hotel wedding_43 Town Hall Hotel wedding_44 Town Hall Hotel wedding_45 Town Hall Hotel wedding_46 Town Hall Hotel wedding_47 Town Hall Hotel wedding_48 Town Hall Hotel wedding_49 Town Hall Hotel wedding_50 Town Hall Hotel wedding_51 Town Hall Hotel wedding_52 Town Hall Hotel wedding_53 Town Hall Hotel wedding_54 Town Hall Hotel wedding_55

Ceremony & reception venue // Town Hall Hotel

Catering // Town Hall Hotel

Flowers // Indeco Flowers

Hair & make up // Amalie Russell

Wedding dress // Lisa Rose Bridal

Groom’s attire // Charlie Allen

Bridesmaids’ dresses // Vera Wang

Groomsmen’s attire // Reiss

Wedding cake // Fondant Fox

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Well, where do I start with this one!!  Claire and I go waaaaaay back…think Friends (when it was originally broadcast once a week!!), scrunchies, Kickers, sleepovers – all the highlights of the 90s!  We both loved Sea World (Claire the killer whales, I the dolphins) and said we’d be marine biologists when we grew up.  Well, one of us made it!!  I guess my semi-fear of animals held me back.  Anyway, here we are, a decade (or so!) later, and I can’t explain how much of an honour it was to see this gorgeous gal marry her lovely man Chris.

Chris is an incredibly talented cellist (you’ll have heard his accompaniments in many a film score) so of course there were fantastic musical treats all day long; from the groom himself at the organ in the church, to musicians treating the guests during the garden drinks reception, and their first dance personalised accompaniment.  What a feast for the ears!

Family means the world to these two, so it was extra special for them to be able to have their wedding in the garden of Claire’s parents’ house in Owslebury, just outside Winchester; a place that they can visit again and again, and reminisce about their beautiful day.

The happy couple are sunning it up in Corsica right now, but we wish them both all the very best for their future together, and here’s to more celebrations together in our dear Tooting! x

Winchester_garden_wedding_02 Winchester_garden_wedding_03 Winchester_garden_wedding_04 Winchester_garden_wedding_05 Winchester_garden_wedding_06 Winchester_garden_wedding_07 Winchester_garden_wedding_08 Winchester_garden_wedding_09 Winchester_garden_wedding_10 Winchester_garden_wedding_11 Winchester_garden_wedding_12 Winchester_garden_wedding_13 Winchester_garden_wedding_14 Winchester_garden_wedding_15 Winchester_garden_wedding_16 Winchester_garden_wedding_17 Winchester_garden_wedding_18 Winchester_garden_wedding_19 Winchester_garden_wedding_20 Winchester_garden_wedding_21 Winchester_garden_wedding_22 Winchester_garden_wedding_23 Winchester_garden_wedding_24 Winchester_garden_wedding_25 Winchester_garden_wedding_26 Winchester_garden_wedding_27 Winchester_garden_wedding_28 Winchester_garden_wedding_29

Ceremony venue // St. Andrew’s Church, Owslebury

Reception venue // Bride’s family home

Marquee // Greenhill Events

Catering // Clifford Brown Catering & Events

Flowers // The Blooming Workshop

Hair // Toni & Guy Salon

Wedding dress // Hanoi by Enzoani

Bride’s shoes // Rachel Simpson

Groom’s attire // Chris Kerr

Bridesmaids’ dresses // Jenny Packham

Flower girls’ dresses // John Lewis

Ceilidh band // Quicksilver

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For the last week, I was tucked into a pocket of Wales with a hundred other photographers; each of us eager to keep pressing our work forward, united in our passion.

This little pocket of Wales is called Fforest. Doesn’t it make you think of tipis and fields, tall trees and secret quarries? Undiscovered paths, dappled sunlight, campfires with warming hands around it, marshmallows crisping, foraged food roasting, beers clinking, quiet dawn walks and a sunset wedding…and, most importantly, ideas being shared, words exchanged, stories, photos, life. It’s what you call “Inspired”.

Rewind to “my previous life” (one I would rarely mention to you as I can count the positive takeaways from it on one hand…), and the equivalent of last week in that world would’ve been a cold, stark hotel. A conference suite, corporate notepads adorned with that little green dot, deadlines, stress, and – worst of all – solitude. That tight grip that is ahold of you, the boa constrictor around your neck. All the things I didn’t want my life to be, and I could feel it slipping through my fingers.

Back to today, then. I say this all the time, out loud and to myself: I’m so utterly grateful for everything that I, we, now have. It’s not the “stuff”. It’s that which you can’t say, touch, hear or see. The intangible. Family, friendships, hopes, dreams, to infinity. I hope every day that I’m being more true to myself now than ever before, and the hundred or so others I spent the week with I think feel that too. There is nothing like surrounding yourself with positivity; people who will encourage, understand and lift your spirits. I know because I married one. Snap certainly brought these kind souls together for this short time. I spent much of last week looking up to the rich blue skies, thankful for my second chance at life.

Snap_photography_festival_2016_01 Snap_photography_festival_2016_02 Snap_photography_festival_2016_03 Snap_photography_festival_2016_04 Snap_photography_festival_2016_05 Snap_photography_festival_2016_06 Snap_photography_festival_2016_07 Snap_photography_festival_2016_08 Snap_photography_festival_2016_09 Snap_photography_festival_2016_10 Snap_photography_festival_2016_11 Snap_photography_festival_2016_12 Snap_photography_festival_2016_13 Snap_photography_festival_2016_14 Snap_photography_festival_2016_15 Snap_photography_festival_2016_16 Snap_photography_festival_2016_17 Snap_photography_festival_2016_18 Snap_photography_festival_2016_19 Snap_photography_festival_2016_20 Snap_photography_festival_2016_21 Snap_photography_festival_2016_22 Snap_photography_festival_2016_23 Snap_photography_festival_2016_24 Snap_photography_festival_2016_25 Snap_photography_festival_2016_26 Snap_photography_festival_2016_27 Snap_photography_festival_2016_28 Snap_photography_festival_2016_29 Snap_photography_festival_2016_30 Snap_photography_festival_2016_31 Snap_photography_festival_2016_32 Snap_photography_festival_2016_33 Snap_photography_festival_2016_34 Snap_photography_festival_2016_35 Snap_photography_festival_2016_36 Snap_photography_festival_2016_37 Snap_photography_festival_2016_38 Snap_photography_festival_2016_39 Snap_photography_festival_2016_40 Snap_photography_festival_2016_41 Snap_photography_festival_2016_42 Snap_photography_festival_2016_43 Snap_photography_festival_2016_44 Snap_photography_festival_2016_45 Snap_photography_festival_2016_46 Snap_photography_festival_2016_47 Snap_photography_festival_2016_48 Snap_photography_festival_2016_49 Snap_photography_festival_2016_50 Snap_photography_festival_2016_51 Snap_photography_festival_2016_52 Snap_photography_festival_2016_53 Snap_photography_festival_2016_54 Snap_photography_festival_2016_55 Snap_photography_festival_2016_56 Snap_photography_festival_2016_57 Snap_photography_festival_2016_58 Snap_photography_festival_2016_59 Snap_photography_festival_2016_60 Snap_photography_festival_2016_61 Snap_photography_festival_2016_62 Snap_photography_festival_2016_63 Snap_photography_festival_2016_64 Snap_photography_festival_2016_65 Snap_photography_festival_2016_66 Snap_photography_festival_2016_67 Snap_photography_festival_2016_68 Snap_photography_festival_2016_69 Snap_photography_festival_2016_70 Snap_photography_festival_2016_71

So, we continue to go about our lives and businesses, but some lessons from the week that I hope remain with us:

Ian Sanders: What makes you tick?  Use that energy as a compass to lead you.

Oli Sansom: Don’t fixate on creating goals; create tangents through exploration, and goals will follow.

Jaye Cole: Create an efficient workflow; shave an hour off your scheduled day and you’ll increase your productivity.

Tara Gentile: Understand your own conditions for connection, and use that in your marketing.

Anna Naphtali: You are the creative director of your life; your experiences, things you’ve seen, heard and done will influence what you see and produce in an image.

Lukas Piatek: Allow a few minutes of quiet connection through eye contact at the start of the shoot.

Jacob Loafman: Don’t be afraid to try something new – experiment with new techniques and use what’s around you.

Alex James: We tend to focus on the tiny negative vs. huge amount of awesomeness; don’t let this blind spot control your vision and your life.

Whitesmoke Studio: Keep moving, keep shooting.

Rossella Vanon: The genius is in the execution, not in the idea.

Kevin Mullins: A wedding is not about us; clients should remember their view of the wedding, not ours.

Assassynation: Don’t be a dick!!

Petar Jurica: Break the rules.  Shoot the untraditional.  Light.  Atmosphere.  Emotion.

Gabe McClintock: Be in the moment; don’t move on until the actual image that needs to be captured, is captured.

Oh and one last, yet significant, thing; congratulations and thank you to darling Xeco & Rochan, who got engaged at Snap 2015 and married at Snap 2016 – what a beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime experience to be a part of.  With humble thanks and gratitude to all of the speakers and attendees at Snap, and to Laura Babb and her team for bringing this magical experience together and entwining long-lasting friendships.


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Gemma and Jamie met online a few years ago while they were both working in London, after various stints working around the world.  They got engaged whilst on a weekend jolly to Rome (Jamie had planned to pop the question by the Trevi fountain but it was covered with scaffolding – nooo!).  Through the nerves, he presented Gemma with a beautiful ring nestled amongst her favourite Raphaello chocolates – so very sweet.

When Jamie and Gemma came round for their viewing of their wedding photos, we reminisced about the fact that it was almost exactly a year ago that we met each other, at the London Wedding Fair last April, just a few weeks after their engagement!  We’re so happy we did meet, as we’ve loved getting to know these two, and hope this is the beginning of a fun SW London friendship!

So back to the wedding day then, this lovely duo tied the knot in the sweet town of Godalming in Surrey, and guests then battled the wind to begin celebrations over at The Chichester Hall – Gemma did an amazing job with styling this blank canvas into a beautiful wedding setting, and they had the space for the whole weekend so the party continued for another day or so!!  Well, it’s got to be done when half of the wedding is travelling over from Ireland!  We also made one of our little wedding films for these two, you can watch that below – hope you like it!

All that’s left to say is a big thank you to Gemma and Jamie for inviting us into their lives and entrusting us with their unforgettable day.  We look forward to following your future adventures! X

A few words from lovely Gemma when we sent across their app:

“Aww Krish,

We’ve been so looking forward to seeing this preview! We’ve just been sipping passion fruit rum and gushing over the preview pictures.

You were such a welcome addition to our wedding day. Joey and yourself are such lovely people and made us and our guests feel at ease. We are so proud of our photos and can not wait to meet with you after the honeymoon to see the other pictures. You are so talented and have captured the mood of our wedding perfectly. We’re so happy that you both enjoyed the day too and we’re so delighted we not only chose the best photographers but that we got to enjoy your company after you knocked off too.

We’ve got the biggest smiles on Mauritius and are overwhelmed with how beautiful our pictures are. Can’t wait for our Tooting rendezvous. 


Chichester Hall Wedding_01 Chichester Hall Wedding_02 Chichester Hall Wedding_03 Chichester Hall Wedding_04 Chichester Hall Wedding_05 Chichester Hall Wedding_06 Chichester Hall Wedding_07 Chichester Hall Wedding_08 Chichester Hall Wedding_09 Chichester Hall Wedding_10 Chichester Hall Wedding_11 Chichester Hall Wedding_12 Chichester Hall Wedding_13 Chichester Hall Wedding_14 Chichester Hall Wedding_15 Chichester Hall Wedding_16 Chichester Hall Wedding_17 Chichester Hall Wedding_18 Chichester Hall Wedding_19 Chichester Hall Wedding_20 Chichester Hall Wedding_21 Chichester Hall Wedding_22 Chichester Hall Wedding_23 Chichester Hall Wedding_24 Chichester Hall Wedding_25 Chichester Hall Wedding_26 Chichester Hall Wedding_27 Chichester Hall Wedding_28 Chichester Hall Wedding_29 Chichester Hall Wedding_30 Chichester Hall Wedding_31 Chichester Hall Wedding_32 Chichester Hall Wedding_33 Chichester Hall Wedding_34 Chichester Hall Wedding_35 Chichester Hall Wedding_36 Chichester Hall Wedding_37 Chichester Hall Wedding_38 Chichester Hall Wedding_39 Chichester Hall Wedding_40 Chichester Hall Wedding_41 Chichester Hall Wedding_42 Chichester Hall Wedding_43 Chichester Hall Wedding_44 Chichester Hall Wedding_45 Chichester Hall Wedding_46 Chichester Hall Wedding_47 Chichester Hall Wedding_48 Chichester Hall Wedding_49 Chichester Hall Wedding_50 Chichester Hall Wedding_51 Chichester Hall Wedding_52 Chichester Hall Wedding_53 Chichester Hall Wedding_54


You can see the preview set of images that we blogged whilst Gemma and Jamie were in Mauritius here.

Church // Church of St Peter and St Paul, Godalming

Reception // The Chichester Hall, Witley

Catering // Foster’s Catering

Florist // The Blacksmith’s Daughter

Bride’s dress // Sottero & Midgley

Hair & Make Up // Amy Larkin

Groom’s suit // Ted Baker

Bridesmaids’ dresses // ASOS

Cake // The Crumby Bakery

Bar // The Shack Revolution

Entertainment // Mike Gill

Guest book puzzle // Inspire Me Stationery

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We are delighted to share some photos with you from Gemma and Jamie’s gorgeous wedding at the weekend – yes, it rained; yes, it was ridiculously windy (I think this wind had a name?) – but that didn’t stop these guys from having an unforgettable day!

Joey and I loved meeting Gemma and Jamie and getting to know them before the day; you couldn’t meet a more friendly couple and, with Jamie’s family coming over in convoy from Kerry for the long weekend, we knew their wedding was going to be full of laughter and cheekiness.  And it absolutely was!

They tied the knot in a a beautiful Church ceremony in Goldaming, and then whisked guests to the Chichester Hall nearby for drinkies and long-table feasting.  And what a feast it was!  We were honoured to be seated with guests (and have our names on the table plan!  Amazing!).

Thank you, Gemma and Jamie, for looking after us so well, and being so wonderfully naturally lovely!  Loved having a little boogie with you too!!

Enjoy this little taster and we look forward to sharing more photos soon!

Surrey_wedding_photography_01 Surrey_wedding_photography_02 Surrey_wedding_photography_03 Surrey_wedding_photography_04 Surrey_wedding_photography_05 Surrey_wedding_photography_06 Surrey_wedding_photography_07 Surrey_wedding_photography_08 Surrey_wedding_photography_09 Surrey_wedding_photography_10 Surrey_wedding_photography_11 Surrey_wedding_photography_12 Surrey_wedding_photography_13 Surrey_wedding_photography_14 Surrey_wedding_photography_15 Surrey_wedding_photography_16 Surrey_wedding_photography_17 Surrey_wedding_photography_18 Surrey_wedding_photography_19 Surrey_wedding_photography_20 Surrey_wedding_photography_21 Surrey_wedding_photography_22 Surrey_wedding_photography_23 Surrey_wedding_photography_24 Surrey_wedding_photography_25 Surrey_wedding_photography_26 Surrey_wedding_photography_27 Surrey_wedding_photography_28 Surrey_wedding_photography_29

Church // Church of St Peter and St Paul, Godalming

Reception // The Chichester Hall, Witley

Catering // Foster’s Catering

Florist // The Blacksmith’s Daughter

Bride’s dress // Sottero & Midgley

Hair & Make Up // Amy Larkin

Groom’s suit // Ted Baker

Bridesmaids’ dresses // ASOS

Cake // The Crumby Bakery

Bar // The Shack Revolution

Entertainment // Mike Gill

Guest book puzzle // Inspire Me Stationery

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This is a very special wedding to introduce to you as I’ve known the bride, Alyson, since I was 7 years old!  Yep, we were cheeky little brownies together back in Winchester, and went to the same senior school.  So it was extra special to be asked to photograph Aly’s wedding to the incredibly lovely David, just outside Winchester at the Clock Barn.

These two met at a hockey game over 11 years ago and have since set up home in Dubai.  Aly and David meticulously planned their wedding day to be a festive celebration, full of fun – from the fast-pased reflex game that broke many a sweat, to the fancy dress selfies for their guest book.

Much of the family flew over from South Africa for the wedding, so it was such a joyous occasion for everyone to come together and celebrate, and catch up and party!  We look forward to sharing more photos soon, but enjoy this selection to give you a flavour of their day.

Congratulations Aly & Dups – have a magical Christmas with your families! x

Some kind words from the lovely bride and groom: “You guys did an amazing job and we are so pleased you were able to share in the day with us. We had a ball (as can be seen in the photos) and hope you also enjoyed yourselves.  The photos really are fantastic – you both have a real gift for capturing the mood/emotion in your pics and half the time we didn’t even know you were shooting – we really couldn’t have asked for anymore!  THANK YOU!!!”

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Wedding venue // Clock Barn, Winchester

Catering // Galloping Gourmet

Wedding dress // The White House

Flowers // Flowers by Caroline

Cake // The Little Wedding Bakery

Acoustic Entertainment// Tom Butterworth

Batak Reaction Game // The Event Kings

DJ Entertainment // Chris Burford


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