UK Wedding Awards // Best Wedding Photographer

UK Wedding Awards // Best Wedding Photographer

So we have some exciting news… unbelievably, we’ve been shortlisted as “Best Wedding Photographer” in the UK Wedding Awards 2018, can I get a whoop whoop!!

I have to say, it’s massively down to you and your INCREDIBLE wedding vibe that you create and bring us along to, and get excited about us being there, and chill and let us do our job… so THANK YOU.

If you love us (no pressure!) – and even if you just like us – please VOTE!! –>

click here to vote for Photography by Krishanthi

  • select Photography by Krishanthi from the list (the picture above should help you find us!)
  • scroll to the bottom and click ‘Confirm My Votes
  • enter your email address and click ‘Submit My Votes

That’s it!  Thank you sooo much… let’s see where this takes us!!

Krish + Joey x

P.s. You can see what we mean about the awesome weddings we get to shoot over on Instagram and Facebook – and message us directly here!


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